Unparalleled vibrantly-colored fabrics. 
The new color infusion method, which currently works on synthetic materials and is expanding to cotton and wool in the coming months, does not require any water or chemicals.
Delivering ethically-produced local production that is cost-competitive to offshore manufacturing.  
Shortened production cycles due to reduced transportation and  development time.
Lightening fast production (30 sec to print a piece of fabric that can make 1 T-Shirt or 7 yards/minute on roll to roll single or double-sided fabric color).
Fewer inventory dollars needed due to smaller MOQ’s and shorter runs per cycle.
Allowing for two to four times the turns or greater resulting in rapid speed-to-market.
Enabling change on the fly color to follow trends (good and bad).
Improving cash flows with fewer write-offs.
Resulting in more products sold at full retail yielding significantly improved profits.
Capability of utilizing the technology can be scaled to mass production cut & sew.
Capable of individual consumer on-demand made-to-order fulfillment with zero waste.


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